In this article, you will find all our tips to get your driving licence!!

- Before starting to drive, you have to do the cockpit checks. They are simple but crucial: the doors, the driving seat, the mirrors and the seat belt. The examiner will watch if you are carrying out all the checks in the right order before starting the engine. Be careful: forgetting to fasten your seatbelt is considered as a huge fault for the test!!

- During the test, you have to demonstrate good control of the vehicle (foot control, hand control, eye control etc). Remember not to look at the gear level while driving.

- To move off and stop safely, make sure that you stop 1 meter before the stop line, the yellow box or the pedestrian crossing.

- Use the mirrors very often! You must regularly check all the mirrors, especially before moving off, signalling, turning right or left, changing lanes or overtaking.

- The use of the signals: you have to understand and to be able to respond safely to signals given by other motorists, and your intentions must be clear as well.

- Anticipation and planning are very important words when it comes to driving. It is completely part of a secure drive. It is especially essential at traffic lights, stop lines, give way lines, yellow boxes and pedestrian crossing.

- The speed can vary according to the road conditions, the traffic conditions and the weather. The inspector will watch how you control your speed and how you change gear.

- Be careful at the junctions: risks of accidents are inevitable. Be careful with the traffic lights and treat the junctions with great care

- Pedestrian crossings: your inspector want to see the precautions you take when you approach a zebra crossing. It is really important to make sure that the pedestrians are safe.