Another S-Class Benz was a part of this convoy 30 years ago. The S500 belonged to the W140 era and had silver color, a V8 engine, and keys that were well protected by one S. Cropley Esq., who is still a resident of this town now. However, I could release them once before when Jaguar was unveiling the brand-new Daimler Dual Six and we were required to conduct a parallel check with the world's finest vehicle in the world. That was the S-Class.

The premiere was in Biarritz, which was wonderful news for me. But since it was also Valentine's Day, I decided to drive down the next day with my then-girlfriend, who is now my wife, in the back seat. Shortly after, I fell in love — with the automobile, of course.

I still consider perhaps one my greatest professional accomplishments to be getting my partner aboard a 2-automobile rollout. Since then, at least substantially, that vehicle has served as the benchmark by which all conventional premium vehicles in general, and S-Classes in specifically, have been evaluated.

Although some have undoubtedly been faster, quiet, and certainly more sybaritically comfy than the old W140, none have still been able to provide me with the exact same sensation of utter well-being. Cropley still gets emotional about it today, and with good reason.

This top-of-the-line, banner, singing, dancing new S-Class is mine for the upcoming several months, and that is its duty. It is the model at the summit of the heap, the number one, the majordomo of the S-Class family, and it has a wingspan that is nearly long just like its title.

The most important feature is that it also features a connector combination drive.