Africa is the second most populated and largest continent in the world after China, and the continent spends more on importing cars than any other continent in the world. Every year, the African government spends a huge amount on car imports, usually second-hand.

The imports mostly come from USA and UK, and the second-hand cars imported into the continent are attached with heavy import duties that make the reserves not look too good for the government. In such a populace continent that is slapped with such heavy import duties, it is only logical to make the imported goods in the country, which is precisely what Africa is doing right now. And it has actually been successful in this as well.

The local car brands in Arica also produce cars and other automobiles locally with excellent materials imported or sometimes locally manufactured. This saves the country from the heavy burden of import bills, but it is still quite early, and most people still import cars from other countries. Nonetheless, the cars manufactured locally are not to be messed with as well, and in this article, we have listed the top five car brands in Africa, that are taking Africa towards becoming independent car manufacturers.

Kantanka Automobile (in Ghana)

Kantanka Automobiles is a manufacturing brand in Africa located in Ghana. This car brand manufactures and assembles car parts locally in Ghana. The brand has gathered much attention and it is also one of the most popular brands in Africa. It got its name from Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, who established the brand in 1994. This brand manufactures both saloon and four-wheeler cars and other vehicles.

Insnoson (in Nigeria)

IVM or Insnoson Vehicle Manufacturing is the Nigerian brand established by Chukwuma Nwala back in 2007. This manufacturing car brand has established itself in the African automobile market sector in a very short span of time. And Insnoson enjoys the most popularity among other African Automobile brands.

Mobius Motors (in Kenya)

This brand was established back in 2010, and the main purpose behind its creation was to manufacture cars locally in Africa; the company uses this in its slogans as well.

Wallyscar (in Tunisia)

This company is based in Tunisia in Africa, and the total production that this company does is 800 units per year.

Kiira Motors Corporation (in Uganda)

KMC is a known brand in Africa that built the first electric vehicle in the country back in 2011. This brand is located in Uganda.