The largest credit information service noted a lengthy statement posted on the website that demands the sales of automobiles in Africa. It will face challenges in 2022. This causes a delay in economic recovery from the pandemic. The first quarter of 2020 made the SSA countries including Mauritius strive and achieve economic recovery, which resulted in people’s shopping habits. Moreover, the report states that the increased promotion across the state will dash the economic recovery in 2022. This would picture a positive impact on automotive sales.

Car sales forecasts in 2022

While East African car sales will outperform other states in 2022, which has to be displayed below the trend, sales will grow by 7.6 percent in 2022, down from 10.0 percent in 2021. Therefore, vehicle’s average sales in West Africa were 5.7% in 2022 and down from 9.4% in 2021. Furthermore, vehicle sales in Southern Africa will be 3.6% in 2022.

Vehicle sales and ride-hailing services

According to fitch solutions, the region's expanding ride-hailing industry has the potential to become a significant driver of SSA's new vehicle sales market since it permits cash generated from trips to be used to contribute to down payments for new automobiles. Automakers and auto dealers can enter this market by collaborating with commercial banks and start-ups to initiate customized vehicle solutions for ride-hailing services.

For instance, in early August 2021, Uber and Moove invested USD 23 million to provide prospective borrowers financing options based on critical metrics, including the number of completed trips and the amount of money received from finished rides. After deducting the borrower's car payments, any remaining money is sent to the borrower's Uber account. According to the researchers, this is a less risky approach for the region's banking industry to arrange loans to acquire additional ride-sharing vehicles.

SSA's truck division for expansion.

According to the second-to-last prediction, heavy-duty trucks are demanded in 2022 since they would be necessary to facilitate exports (including vaccine transportation) throughout the sub-regions of Africa. As a result, the sub-regions of Africa have a rate of 15.9% of expected sales.

SSA's logistics sector will be digitized and formalized due to e-logistics companies.

The E-logistics business competitors are not going either, for instance, Sandy and loori. We are still digitizing the formal.