A power window makes it easier for car users to lower and raise windows. In the past lever was used in Mauritius, which required a lot of power.

Power windows can have issues with the glass opening and closing. However, some tips can be done to maintain the power window technology in the car, to keep it in good condition.

1.    Limit usage 

If it's used when needed, it will be more durable. However, if you use it excessively, it will be damaged easily if you get air by lowering the window slightly, so there is no need to lower it down.

Make sure to protect the power window button from everyone, especially children. The excessive usage of the power window button will damage the power window.

2.    Clean Glass 

Cleaning the window's glass will make the car’s power window last longer. Also, if various dirt isn’t cleaned immediately, it can damage the power window.

Regular cleaning will prevent rust and protect power window components from various damage. Cleaning can be done using a chamois with a smooth surface or a glass cleaner.

3.    Regular visits to a specialist workshop

A door specialist worker will help prevent damages to your car window, but many motorists underestimate this statement. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a car specialist workshop every 6 months for your car's inspection. 

Lubricant can also help, as it will prevent the window from being stuck by cleaning the power window area to avoid dust. In addition, power windows will be more durable if checked often.

4.    Condition of rubber on the car glass

If the rubber on the glass is dirty, it will make the performance of the power windows problematic. Rubber will fall out and cause rust due to the dirt sticking on the glass of power windows. 

Glass rubber needs attention; if it gets hardened, replace it immediately. Hardened glass rubber will damage the power windows quickly and causes scratches on the car.

5.    Windows power must be utilized. 

If you drive alone more often and barely have passengers, then you should check up on the rear windows. As it, power windows get stuck due to less usage. The mechanical system makes the power windows work, so it's necessary to utilize the performance to stay normal. At least you use it 3 times a day, so the windows don’t get stuck but doing more than 3 will be considered excessive usage.