About 40 of the world's top international and local industry players in the automotive sector were showcasing their wares at the West Africa automotive exhibition. This show is held at Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, from Tuesday, 17th May to Thursday, 19th May. After struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition, which had its initial show in 2019, is finally here, with exhibitors coming from 20 different countries around the globe, including India, Ireland, USA, UAE, Poland, Indonesia, Thailand, UK, and Nigeria.

BtoB events, the show's organizers, said that their motive is to promote the local and regional automotive trade. They were initiated by the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC). Jamie Hill, the managing director, added while speaking with the media that the net result they want to achieve by this automotive show is to turn the Nigerian roads safer and increase automobiles' efficiency.

Hill said, "The main purpose of this exhibition is to turn the vehicles into more efficient and safer by bringing forth new automotive tech from Nigeria and around the globe, together with assembly plants and local assistants." 

"The over 70 exhibitors that have joined us today are welcomed. They have spent a lot of time and money to come and set up their businesses here because they are interested in the Nigerian market, and they see it as the opportunity for business and growth."

"To ensure that we further enhance  the Nigerian automotive production sector and vehicles, we are here to uplift the Nigerian automotive businesses, their manufacturing, and its vehicles and parts industries."

Some of the exhibitors that spoke to the media included Linus Projects. This India-based company dealt with lubricants and grease manufacturing and told the media that it planned to build its office in Nigeria. While speaking with the media, Mr. Khatab M, the managing director, said that the company has already partnered with the Nigerian government to help the youth have their medium-scale businesses in manufacturing lubricants. The budget estimated, he said, is N5 million.

"Having government on our side, we want the youths to be independent, and for that, we will set up small or big manufacturing plants based on their budget. Then, we will assist them by mounting it up, arranging everything, and handing it to them. After that, they will decide the company's name, and they would then gradually grow."

There were other international companies on Tuesday as well, including Racfey Investment Limited, Indonesia Trade promotion center, Samer Al-Gaddah International general trading, ADD USA, Hunter Engineering Company, Reem Batteries, Power Appliances Co., DPH South Africa, Zamel, and GT Exhausts, as well as local firm.